On shukla tritiya, the third tithi (lunar phase) of the waxing Moon, we mark the third day of Navaratri and celebrate Goddess as Chandraghanta, a powerful form of Durga. In the Durga-Lakshmi-Sarasvati tradition of celebrations, this marks the third and final night of Durga.

Chandraghanta wears a half-Moon (Chandra) in the shape of a bell (ghanta) oh her forehead. Riding a lion or a tiger, she has 10 arms in which she holds many weapons, as well as a japa mala, a lotus, a kamandal, and mudras (hand-positions) offering blessings and protection. Posed as a warrioress, she is ready to destroy the obstacles and enemies of her devotees. She rules the planet Venus (Shukra), and is truly a gentle goddess. Chandraghanta is full of love and compassion, and wants to bestow happiness and prosperity on those who worship her. This form of the Divine Mother brings us courage as well as grace and beauty. Worshipping her helps to remove suffering and to grant us serenity.

chandraghanta kunal

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