Tonight brings the fullest waxing Moon of this cycle! (The Moon actually reaches peak fullness tomorrow May 10th at 2:43 pm PDT, but by Wednesday night it will technically be waning.) This full Moon falls at the end of sidereal Libra, opposite the still-exalted Sun in Aries.

I love the energy of the Aries-Libra axis because it really helps us to learn about compromising, and expressing our individuality in a healthy way. The Aries cycle that began on April 26th brought about a great sense of vitality and individual strength, with the Sun in his sign of exaltation. The Sun in Aries shines brightly, and brings the time of year when we feel the most energetic, ready to fully come out of our winter shell and dive head-first into life. The warrior courage of Mars (ruling Aries) supports the Sun, who signifies our health, power, and divine radiance. We’re not afraid to shine our lights and channel them into powerful actions at this time of year.

Libra, where the Moon reaches fullness tonight and tomorrow, is the sign that is all about relationships, balance, and compromise. Though we have been feeling a surge of individual power and willfulness throughout this summer, we are now being reminded that life isn’t all about “me.” The Moon represents our emotional sensitivity, mind, and hearts, and as he becomes fully illuminated in Libra, we become much more aware of the reflective mirror of our relationships. We are able to see where our focus on personal goals or expression may be having an affect on those around us.

The full Moon in Libra is a time to tune into the balance and harmony that exists in our relationships. The beautiful opportunity of this time is that we learn to do this while still experiencing our own sense of power (due to Sun in Aries). It’s a time where we can learn to stand in our own right, and at the same time compromise the right amount to foster empathy and cooperation with others.

This particular Libra full Moon lies in the Vedic nakshatra of Vishaka. This powerful star bridges Libra and Scorpio and is represented by a triumphant gateway, showing the potential for success after trials. It is also known as “the forked one” and is often symbolized by a tree with spreading branches. This star-sign carries the energy of needing to choose between two directions… similar to the opposing but balancing scales of the Libra imagery. When presented with two choices, or two sets of opinions, how do we navigate the path towards victory? Libra teaches us that a degree of compromise between two parties is necessary for us to find individual as well as collective happiness.

The relational awareness brought on by this full Moon in Libra is enhanced by exalted Venus, Libra’s ruler, still making his way through Pisces. This full Moon may even be experienced as the culmination of the Venus lessons that we have been learning for the last several months, with Venus’s journey through exaltation and retrograde motion ensuing since late January. Relationships have really been in the forefront of our karmic exploration lately, and the full Moon in Libra highlights our potential to reach a compromise, one that harmonizes both parties’ happiness and values without sacrificing individual strength and courage. It is perhaps the courage offered by the Aries Sun that allows us to find humility towards more peaceful and enlightened relations. (Be careful though — Mercury in Aries can quicken our speech, so it’s really important to slow down and be a good listener.)

Saturn and Jupiter also continue their retrograde motion, so be aware of work and education slowing down, as well as whatever areas of life these planets rule in your individual natal chart. Those ruled by Saturn or Jupiter (Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces rising signs) may also feel more introverted or stuck during these retrograde transits.

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