2018 Astrology Reading


  • 60 Minute Session (by phone in US, Skype for international)
  • 2018 Readings tell you what to expect and how the current planetary transits will stimulate and influence your personal karma as shown in the natal chart
  • If this is your first reading with me, we’ll start by examining the natal chart to understand life course, psychology, and major karmic themes that will be affected by 2018 transits
  • We’ll also look at your current dasha (planetary period) to see what is up this year
  • Please include information requested in Product Description (below) in your Order Notes.


2018 Vedic Astrology Reading

Your 2018 Vedic Astrology Reading will fill you in on all the major astrological changes to expect this year. If this is your first reading with me, we will also cover your general life course, including your psychology, career, relationships–how all the planets influence your life. We discuss what are the most prominent karmic themes in your chart, as well as how to approach your challenges and harness your strengths. We need to explore this first to see what karma is being activated or influenced by the 2018 transits. We will then talk in-depth about how these transits will affect you, as well as what planetary periods (dashas) you will be experiencing.

Please include in your Order Notes:

1. Birth Date, Time and Place (town & country); please note if exact time is not known
2. Where you received the information about birth time (e.g. birth certificate, mother’s memory, astrologer, etc.)
3. Your general availability for our live-call reading (days/times).
4. Your time zone
5. Phone number for US residents, Skype name if outside US

I look forward to helping you understand your chart and your year better!

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