ECLIPSE Reading Vedic Astrology


  • Upcoming eclipses will be on February 10th and 26th, 2017. The month surrounding eclipses can be one of the most intense times of year.
  • Receive a 30-minute personal reading to find out where you’re getting “eclipsed.” Know where to expect change and growth opportunities in your life during this transformational period.
  • Please include information requested in Product Description (below) in your Order Notes.


MOST RECENT ECLIPSES: February 10th and 26th, 2017

Eclipse windows are the most popular time of year to receive a Vedic Astrology reading. This is the 3rd of 3 eclipse cycles occurring with the lunar nodes on the sidereal Leo/Aquarius axis (there since January 2016). Find out how this affects your chart and your life specifically and know where to expect some upheaval and karmic growth.

Readings are scheduled as live calls as scheduling permits (by phone for US residents, by Skype if international), or you can opt to receive a recording sent to you. (You will receive a recording either way). Eclipse readings are approx. 30 minutes.

Please include in your Order Notes:

1. Birth Date, Time and Place (town & country); please note if exact time is not known
2. Where you received the information about birth time (e.g. birth certificate, mother’s memory, astrologer, etc.)
3. Whether you prefer to receive a recorded reading or a live call, as scheduling permits. If live call, your general availability (days/times).
4. Your time zone
5. Skype name

Additional information

Date & Time

9/14 @ 11:30 am PDT, 9/14 @ 1:30 pm PDT, 9/14 @ 3 pm PDT, 9/14 @ 4:30 pm PDT, 9/15 @ 10am PDT, 9/15 @ 11:30 am PDT, 9/15 @ 2pm PDT, September 16th and later


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