A Fertile New Moon in His Favorite Sign

A Fertile New Moon in His Favorite Sign

It’s no surprise that Rohini is known as the Moon’s favorite nakshatra, it’s one of mine as well. This Thursday, May 25th, at 12:45 pm PDT, the exalted Moon will join the Sun in the middle of Taurus, in Rohini nakshatra. We can give thanks for a warmer and cheerier month ahead, as we begin the cycle with a more peaceful disposition in the mind and heart.

The Moon is the planet that affects our emotions, and sets the tone of our mental thought patterns. Moon is exalted in Taurus because of the stable (fixed) nature of this grounded earth sign, which is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, beauty, and harmony. We all know what it feels like to have turmoil and too many waves of change in the mind and heart, and we feel happier when the Moon has a happy and solid place to rest, such as Taurus.

Within Taurus, this New Moon falls within the Vedic nakshatra (star-sign) called Rohini, “the reddish one” or “the growing one.” Of all the twenty-seven nakshatras visited by the Moon each month, he was said to linger longer here, treating Rohini as his favorite. (In Vedic lore, the nakshatras were said to be the wives of the Moon. Though we do think of the Moon and Venus as planets with feminine qualities, the deities of the planets are thought of as gods while the nakshatras are goddesses.)

Rohini image from Trivedi click for link

Rohini correlates with the star Aldebaran, one of the brightest stars in the sky. The warm and glowing nature of this star elicits a sense of abundance and feminine fertility, and it is no surprise that there is a strong association with agriculture here. The common symbol for Rohini is the ox-cart, representing an abundant harvest, commerce, and in general, a fulfilling material existence. There are strong associations with Lakshmi here, the goddess of prosperity. Rohini is also associated with Brahma, the creative force in existence, adding to the sensation of infinite possibilities here. Venus’s rulership over Taurus also adds a quality of luxury, enjoyment, and a strong presence of Mother Nature.

The shakti (power) of Rohini is the power to grow, and this is a great month to focus on growing your material projects this year. The potency to bring dreams into material existence is strong under the new Moon in Rohini, especially with Taurus’ ruler, Venus, still exalted in Pisces. Venus in Pisces helps us connect our desires with our highest potential, and in the 11th house from this New Moon, the potential of fulfilling our dreams and greatest ambitions is added.

The New Moon in Taurus is also joined by Mars, but Mars is past 29 degrees of Taurus at the moment, so not having too fiery of an influence on our minds. The warrior planet lacks some intensity when on the cusp of two signs. He is within Mrigashira nakshatra, however, his own star-sign, which adds some potency and should help to keep our energy balanced. He transits into Gemini on Friday where we’ll need to put more energy into communication and intellectual pursuits, through mid-July.

Venus is finishing his four-month exalted transit through Pisces on May 30th, when he moves into Aries. After sorting through our desires and deeply reflecting on our relationships through this time, we’ll now work on taking action around them. Passions could be elevated for the next month. The 9th of June will bring both the full Moon and the full stop of Jupiter, before he turns direct and begins finishing his transit of Virgo through the summer.

Enjoy the dark Moon night on May 24th, leading into a new cycle on the 25th, and plant the seeds of what you want to grow in the incredibly fertile grounds of the heart and mind this month!


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Emotional New Moon with Venus, and the Month Ahead

Emotional New Moon with Venus, and the Month Ahead

Emotional New Moon with Venus, and the Month Ahead

This Sunday to Monday brings in a dark Moon phase that leads into a new lunar cycle on March 27th (7:57 pm PDT). This powerful cycle will begin with the Sun, Moon, and a retrograde and exalted Venus in Uttara Bhadrapada, a Vedic nakshatra in the middle of sidereal Pisces. This cycle really helps us to navigate life through our feeling nature, coming into close contact with our emotions and desires. The effects of Venus’s motion have been tangible lately, and he will continue to have a strong influence over us in the month to come. This New Moon also leads us into the springtime Navaratri festival, a nine-night festival for celebrating the goddess energy.

Venus’s Powerful Position

Since I’ve been feeling it strongly myself, and have heard strong results from a lot of clients as well, I’ve been dying to ask… How has the exalted and retrograde Venus transit been treating you? The planet of pleasure and relationships moved into his sign of exaltation (Pisces) at the end of January, then took a backwards turn on March 4th and has been making his retrograde transit throughout the month.

His initial entry into Pisces may have made us feel extra romantic (about everything), and perhaps a little over-indulgent in pleasures of all sorts. Did you allow some last few binge-snacking sessions in the rainy season, before getting ready for that spring cleanse you’re planning? Let yourself fall hard for someone a little too quickly?  Watch out for following this alignment too far into the depths of your fantasy, as it can also bring up our escapist tendencies.

There’s also a lot of potential growth within this alignment, as we have the opportunity to bring our pleasures and relationships into alignment with our values and highest beliefs. Maybe you dove into the nectarous ocean of devotion instead, one of the higher possibilities of Venus transiting the sign of surrender. It’s also a great time for becoming more aware of your feelings, and your greatest desires, as the planet ruling our happiness swims through the emotional waters of Pisces.

But amidst all this… Venus turned retrograde. While we were feeling so enthused and really enjoying getting carried away a bit by our pleasures, he slowed down, came to a stop, and started moving backwards (from our viewpoint here on earth). All of a sudden we can really see all the problems in our relationships, our indulgent tendencies, and other avenues we use to escape. People from the past may be popping up, and so are the unresolved karmic patterns we carry within us, things that just aren’t working for us in the way we relate with people and pleasure.

Please remember: there is actually a lot of grace here! We can’t move forward towards love, partnership, or other desires without learning to align with and surrender to our hearts and higher power. What is your heart’s deepest desire? You may be able to connect with it while Venus is in Pisces. Jupiter (“Guru”) is the ruler of Pisces, and is shining his bright light onto Venus from sidereal Virgo, directly opposite. The potential for wisdom is here.

Many people are feeling some degree of “retreat” in their relationships, and that’s okay as well. When Venus is retrograde, his power is turned inward. We’re looking inward at the source of our desires, rather than outward for objects of them. It’s okay to take some time to yourself right now. In fact, it might be a really healthy choice if you’re going to use that space constructively to do work on yourself. Self-reflect, self-inquire, feel your feelings, and honor the divine power within you.

Uttara Bhadrapada

The Vedic nakshatra where this New Moon begins with Venus also offers incredible power towards this end. Uttara Bhadrapada is represented by the back half of a bed or a funeral pyre, signifying the potential for us to completely let go and surrender to the divine unknown (ultimately, death). It’s also ruled by the deity called Ahirbudhnya, the celestial serpent. He brings us into closer contact with our deepest emotions and the hidden Kundalini energy. We experienced powerful transformative eclipses aligned with this nakshatra in March and September of 2015, so this may be bringing up some familiar themes from those times.

I’ve noticed that this is an especially potent time for those with natal Venus in Virgo. With natal Venus in Virgo, one’s regular style of approaching happiness and relationships is rather practical and analytical. With Venus transiting Pisces and Uttara Bhadrapada, we are better able to tap into our watery nature, our feelings, and follow those as a pathway to our desires, rather than attempt to follow only rational thinking.

Saturn, Mars, and Mercury

Since Saturn peeked his head into Sagittarius and Moola nakshatra in the end of January, he’s also been compelling us to go deep, and look at what pressures drive us most strongly. We’re examining the source of what makes us want to stand up, work hard, and make commitments. In particular we’re looking what values inform our long-term decision-making process. Saturn’s motion is already slowing down, however, and in the first week of April he’ll be coming to a full stop and beginning retrograde motion on April 5th. This begins a 5-month period of slowing down and internally examining how and why we approach hard work and commitment.

Mars is currently strong in his own sign of Aries, but this can lead to more heated arguments as we try to improve our relationships dynamics — especially with Mercury, the planet of communication, now joining Mars there. With Mercury in Aries we can easily get feisty in conversation, and can tend to jump to quick conclusions in general. With Mars in Bharani nakshatra, however, our actions can assist in the rebirthing process we may be experiencing.

A Heads up for April

The middle of April is a particularly great time to take things slow and schedule in some time for yourself. Between April 9th and 15th, we will have four planets retrograde — Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Mercury (retrograde from April 9th through May 3rd). During this time a lot in your life may feel like it’s really slowing down, going backwards, or just not moving forward in the way you want it to. We’ll be rethinking or second-guessing our values, teachings, relationships, work, commitments, and plans. This is a time for inner reflection! Consider scheduling yourself some down time or even a retreat during this week, and avoid planning to start any new ventures.

Later in the month there is a great day coming for new beginnings, on Akshaya Tritiya which falls on April 28th. On this third day of the waxing Moon, both the Sun and the Moon will be in their signs of exaltation — Aries and Taurus, respectively. This is known as the day of “never diminishing,” and any investments or ventures made on this day are likely to lead to successful returns. We’ll still have three planets retrograde, but Venus will have turned direct on the 15th, so we’ll be starting to move forward again with more clarity on how to achieve happiness and harmony.


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Jupiter in Virgo 2016-2017

Jupiter in Virgo 2016-2017

Get ready for a shift from radical idealistic movements and power-struggles to more practical and reflective earth-based philosophies, both individually and throughout society at large.

Jupiter in Leo

leo lion sindi shortJupiter has been transiting sidereal Leo for a little over a year now. During this time, the planet of philosophy, luck, expansion, growth and beliefs has been in the sign of power. A masculine fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is where we tap into our inherent divinity and strength and learn how to wield it, whether selfishly or selflessly. The Sun wants us to find our connection to source, our strength and vitality, our power, and ultimately our dharma and generous sense of responsibility.

For the last year we have seen the struggle over power and beliefs in a very prominent light. Jupiter has expanded efforts to claim power and authority through ideology, especially in the realm of government. Throughout society, we have seen the expansion and importance of many principle-based movements coming to the forefront.

The Sun, Leo’s ruler, has offered energy to help us to purify our philosophies and hold them up to its illuminating power. We have watched some progressive beliefs gain more traction in the world, while at the same time a more orthodox conservatism took hold in other places. Since January of this year, Rahu has been joining Jupiter in Leo, adding a radical, confusing and shadowy energy to this quest for ideological dominance. We have experienced radical actions throughout society based on ideologies of all sorts.

Jupiter in Virgo

jupiter in virgo vedic astrology leoOn August 11th, Jupiter will be making his transition from Leo into Virgo.* After this time and for the coming year, we will experience a shift from big, bold, power-hungry philosophies to ones that are more practical and earthly. Virgo is a feminine earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of the intellect. Mercury is impartial, fact-oriented, playful and curious. For this reason, the proliferation of beliefs and social movements may begin to take a more rational, universal and intellectual tone.

The feminine nature of Virgo also means that Jupiter’s transit here will cause us to adopt a more self-reflective approach to our beliefs. As Virgo is a mutable sign, we may become much more flexible around ideas, compared to the dogmatic nature of beliefs we experienced with Jupiter in the fixed sign of Leo. With Jupiter moving from a fire sign to an earth sign, it’s time to take those big illuminated ideas and work out the details around how to move them from the visionary into the physical plane.

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, and Virgo is perhaps the most practical of all the signs, so it is possible that we may feel a slight deflation of our idealism as rationalist philosophies become more popular again. At least Jupiter is parting ways with Rahu, so we may actually welcome a little linear Virgoan thinking, after some of the radical ideological battles we have experienced recently.

Jupiter For You

In this coming year we will feel Jupiter’s expansive potential shift from one area of our lives to another, depending on each individual’s rising sign. Leo rising individuals have had Jupiter’s (Guru’s) grace over the last year, while Virgo rising folks may have actually experienced more loss and confusion as he transited their 12th house. Now Virgo ascendants will feel more of a sense of luck and expansion as the Gas Giant makes his way across their first house. For the next year, Jupiter’s influence will permeate four different areas of your life, those indicated by Virgo as well as Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus in your Vedic chart, where he will now cast his aspect.

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*Jupiter is moving from Leo to Virgo according to the Vedic/sidereal zodiac, which correlates with how we see the stars and planets from Earth in real time. Just look up at night and you can see he is between Leo/Virgo now! According to the Western/tropical zodiac, based on the seasons, he is said to be in Virgo and moving to Libra soon.






Summer Solstice Sagittarius Full Moon

Summer Solstice Sagittarius Full Moon

Summer Solstice Sagittarius Full Moon: Roots Run Deep

Roots run deep on this summer solstice Sagittarius full Moon, occurring Monday, June 20th at 4:03 a.m. PDT. This full Moon falls in Mula (or Moola) nakshatra, meaning “root,” a Vedic constellation towards the center of the Milky Way. Though technically in Sagittarius, we locate this Vedic star-sign around the tail of the scorpion in Scorpio constellation. Ketu, the south node of the Moon who helps us to channel our hidden psychic wisdom, has a strong influence in Mula.

Surya, the Sun, is reaching the brightest point on his northern course. Here he will illuminate the emotions of the deepest parts of our soul and psyche, lighting up the full Moon, opposite in Mula. (Read more about Surya and The Summer Solstice here.) The energy of Mula has to do with digging to the bottom to reach the root of things. This full Moon may call you to dig deeper into something you have felt curious about. Research and investigation are well-supported, and you may unearth some undiscovered truths. Now is a great time to begin to deepen your knowledge, especially about things like astronomy or astrology. You can also honor and connect with the energy of this full Moon by working with roots, herbs, or medicine.

summer solstice sagittarius full moon mula nakshatra vedic astrologyBe careful, however, because Nirriti is the deity for this nakshatra. She is a dark goddess who conjures death and destruction. She can help us to get to the root of matters by destroying illusion and awakening buried mysteries. She can force us into deeper states of surrender and devotion by her calamitous influence. She may “uproot” us or something in our lives in order to help us to see what is below the surface.

mula by venu summer solstice sagittarius full moon vedic astrologyAlongside her devastation, she offers us spiritual tools to face such transformation. She gives the courage and insight needed to explore our own deep hollows from this tamasic nakshatra. Sagittarius’ ruler, Jupiter, still joins the radical and obscuring Rahu in Leo. This could add some strange energy to our discoveries.

Sexuality is heightened around this full Moon, as we touch base with our primal force, so this is a good time to revisit any tantric practices you have learned. The muladhara (base) chakra, our “root support,” deserves attention now. This will help us to harness Mula’s potential energy on this summer solstice Sagittarius full Moon.

The Moon is almost in alignment with the galactic center in sidereal Sagittarius. Sun and Venus are on the opposite side of the earth, in sidereal Gemini, reaching out towards deep space. There is a high vata nature in this area of the sky, the Mercury-ruled air sign. Be careful not to move too fast or try to keep score in your relationships. Venus is still combust, so the heat of this solstice Sun could make us quick to feel discontent when we don’t get what we want.

The dual nature of this sign will cause you to jump quickly from one desire to another. A partner may have trouble trying to keep up. You might also get exhausted if you spend too much time over-analyzing, or try to accomplish too many things at once. The cosmic alignment is elevating the air and fire elements this month, so take some time to connect with the earth and the water elements to bring yourself more balance.

We feel more heated over personal connections, now that retrograde Mars has moved back into sidereal Libra. This directs some of our energy towards strengthening our connections and working to see how balanced they are, but we’re still not able to assert ourselves in a straightforward manner. Do your best to avoid turning everything into a fight. Mars will begin moving direct again in July.

Saturn is just about opposite to Mercury at the moment, so communication can be slow or strained. We may feel fear or hesitation about expressing ourselves, or may take a more serious tone than intended.

kundalini-snakes summer solstice sagittarius full moon vedic astrologyThe Mula full Moon is actually a great time to go inward, because this nakshatra is really supportive of meditation. Even though the Moon is full, don’t be afraid to take some time to yourself. Enjoy the radiant power of the Sun shining forth from within you, and remember that he is the planet who brings the opportunity for enlightenment. There is a great potential to illuminate some deep knowledge on this summer solstice Sagittarius full Moon.


To see where this full Moon falls across your chart, and what deep knowledge it makes available to your life, you can request a personal Vedic Astrology reading.


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Exalted New Moon of Love and Abundance on June 4th

Exalted New Moon of Love and Abundance on June 4th

The next lunar cycle begins with an exalted New Moon of love and abundance on June 4th. The Sun, Moon, and Venus will all join in sidereal Taurus, in Rohini nakshatra. The new lunar cycle begins at 8 p.m. PDT on Saturday, June 4th. This dark night is the time to allow yourself to go inward, reset, and let your heart enjoy the fertile ground offered by Taurus and Rohini.

Of all of the 27 lunar mansions, Rohini is the one where the Moon is considered “exalted.” This means that while Moon is here, we can most easily access peace in our hearts and minds. The position of the Moon relates to our ever-changing thoughts and emotions. He is the planet of the inner heart center, where we find and radiate compassion and selfless love (as long as the heart is at peace). The Moon finds a place to rest in Taurus, the fixed-earth sign ruled by Venus. It is here that the flowing emotions are able to feel grounded and stable and let us enjoy life.

As the Moon transits the zodiac each month, he visits each of the twenty-seven lunar mansions for one night. Our emotions ebb and flow by the mood of each star along the journey. In Vedic lore, these nakshatras were considered the wives of the Moon. Aldebaran-Sun_comparison-en.svgOf all the twenty-seven, Rohini was said to be his favorite. Rohini is known as “the reddish one,” due to the warm glow of this red giant star (called Aldebaran by astronomers), which is over forty-four times as wide as the Sun. The heart enjoys peace here because of the abundantly nourishing and fertile quality of this star.

Rohini is associated with fertility, commerce, productivity and abundance. Its deity is Brahma, the Lord of Creation, indicating the inspired productive potential of this nakshatra. Its symbols are an ox-cart or a chariot, which both relate to the Taurean ideas of comfort and material stability. This could be a very productive month, materially. The planet who works with Rohini is the Moon, and Venus’ rulership over Taurus doubles this star’s feminine planetary influence, indicating ample love and nourishment coming from this part of the sky. Calling forth your feminine qualities, such as sensitivity and receptivity, will help you to achieve your goals this month.

With Sun and Moon aligned here as we begin this lunar cycle, we embark upon it with a full heart and a sensation of love, compassion, and abundance. Our focus will be on material stability, values, and family. Venus closely joins Sun and Moon (within ½ a degree!) and is highly combust at the time of the New Moon. This instills us with an overflowing, but perhaps frustrated, desire for pleasure, beauty and harmony. We’ll feel more sensually focused this month, and will tend to lean towards the luxurious and hedonistic. It’s a time to watch out for overindulging (in food, sex, or other desires), especially if this is a known tendency.

new moon june 4 2016 chartOn the opposite side of the sky, Mars and Saturn remain retrograde and conjunct in sidereal Scorpio. This casts a double aspect of intensity onto the loving lineup of Sun, Moon and Venus in Taurus. Saturn may curb our Venusian indulgence, by reminding us of the bigger picture and adding some pressure and restraint. Mars, on the other hand, may intensify our desires. He also offers the positive potential of giving us the courage to embrace transformation (being situated in Scorpio), instead of clinging too tightly to the material stability being emphasized by the Sun and Moon in Taurus.

In sidereal Leo, the 4th house from this new Moon alignment, Rahu and Jupiter are still conjunct. This inspires more emphasis on heart and home this lunar cycle. Opposing these two, Ketu is in the 10th house from Taurus, so we may shy away from being in the spotlight this month. You will feel your inward-dwelling nature calling to you even more than usual. Don’t worry if you feel the need to take a break from work and care for your inner world and home. This is totally natural given the planetary lineup.

With all planets (except Mercury) aligned on this square axis of fixed signs, this lunar cycle will cause you to really focus on whatever house axis this is in your chart.* Enjoy the exalted new Moon of love and abundance on June 4th.

*You can receive personal coaching on how to understand and work with the planets affecting you through a personal vedic astrology reading.

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