Exalted New Moon of Love and Abundance on June 4th

Exalted New Moon of Love and Abundance on June 4th

The next lunar cycle begins with an exalted New Moon of love and abundance on June 4th. The Sun, Moon, and Venus will all join in sidereal Taurus, in Rohini nakshatra. The new lunar cycle begins at 8 p.m. PDT on Saturday, June 4th. This dark night is the time to allow yourself to go inward, reset, and let your heart enjoy the fertile ground offered by Taurus and Rohini.

Of all of the 27 lunar mansions, Rohini is the one where the Moon is considered “exalted.” This means that while Moon is here, we can most easily access peace in our hearts and minds. The position of the Moon relates to our ever-changing thoughts and emotions. He is the planet of the inner heart center, where we find and radiate compassion and selfless love (as long as the heart is at peace). The Moon finds a place to rest in Taurus, the fixed-earth sign ruled by Venus. It is here that the flowing emotions are able to feel grounded and stable and let us enjoy life.

As the Moon transits the zodiac each month, he visits each of the twenty-seven lunar mansions for one night. Our emotions ebb and flow by the mood of each star along the journey. In Vedic lore, these nakshatras were considered the wives of the Moon. Aldebaran-Sun_comparison-en.svgOf all the twenty-seven, Rohini was said to be his favorite. Rohini is known as “the reddish one,” due to the warm glow of this red giant star (called Aldebaran by astronomers), which is over forty-four times as wide as the Sun. The heart enjoys peace here because of the abundantly nourishing and fertile quality of this star.

Rohini is associated with fertility, commerce, productivity and abundance. Its deity is Brahma, the Lord of Creation, indicating the inspired productive potential of this nakshatra. Its symbols are an ox-cart or a chariot, which both relate to the Taurean ideas of comfort and material stability. This could be a very productive month, materially. The planet who works with Rohini is the Moon, and Venus’ rulership over Taurus doubles this star’s feminine planetary influence, indicating ample love and nourishment coming from this part of the sky. Calling forth your feminine qualities, such as sensitivity and receptivity, will help you to achieve your goals this month.

With Sun and Moon aligned here as we begin this lunar cycle, we embark upon it with a full heart and a sensation of love, compassion, and abundance. Our focus will be on material stability, values, and family. Venus closely joins Sun and Moon (within ½ a degree!) and is highly combust at the time of the New Moon. This instills us with an overflowing, but perhaps frustrated, desire for pleasure, beauty and harmony. We’ll feel more sensually focused this month, and will tend to lean towards the luxurious and hedonistic. It’s a time to watch out for overindulging (in food, sex, or other desires), especially if this is a known tendency.

new moon june 4 2016 chartOn the opposite side of the sky, Mars and Saturn remain retrograde and conjunct in sidereal Scorpio. This casts a double aspect of intensity onto the loving lineup of Sun, Moon and Venus in Taurus. Saturn may curb our Venusian indulgence, by reminding us of the bigger picture and adding some pressure and restraint. Mars, on the other hand, may intensify our desires. He also offers the positive potential of giving us the courage to embrace transformation (being situated in Scorpio), instead of clinging too tightly to the material stability being emphasized by the Sun and Moon in Taurus.

In sidereal Leo, the 4th house from this new Moon alignment, Rahu and Jupiter are still conjunct. This inspires more emphasis on heart and home this lunar cycle. Opposing these two, Ketu is in the 10th house from Taurus, so we may shy away from being in the spotlight this month. You will feel your inward-dwelling nature calling to you even more than usual. Don’t worry if you feel the need to take a break from work and care for your inner world and home. This is totally natural given the planetary lineup.

With all planets (except Mercury) aligned on this square axis of fixed signs, this lunar cycle will cause you to really focus on whatever house axis this is in your chart.* Enjoy the exalted new Moon of love and abundance on June 4th.

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Full Moon on May 21st Gives the Power to Explode, or to Transform

Full Moon on May 21st Gives the Power to Explode, or to Transform

The Full Moon on May 21st gives the power to explode, or to transform (Vedic Astrology). The Moon will be full in sidereal Scorpio, where we are compelled to strengthen our emotions and embrace transformation, rather than cling to material stability. Things could be extra volatile because Mars and Saturn are joining this full Moon, which peaks at 2:15 p.m PDT on Saturday (the brightest full waxing Moon will be Friday night).

This lunar cycle began with the Sun in sidereal Aries, where we feel most empowered and sure of ourselves. We were ready to birth our visions into the world. Since then, Sun has transited into Taurus, a sign where we seek to solidify our strength by getting grounded and relying on stable material structures around us. But the full Moon will be opposite Taurus, in the most emotionally vulnerable sign, Scorpio. In contrast to our quest for stability, we are reminded of our vulnerability and impermanence. We are challenged to embrace the flow of change and allow ourselves to transform as we step up to meet the evolving world around us.

bomb-477229_640This full Moon will feel especially intense on the emotions, because Moon is also joining firey retrograde Mars (very closely), and onerous retrograde Saturn. The conjunction of Mars with the Moon makes a potentially explosive situation for our hearts and minds. His fire elicits our anger, passion, jealousy, and our courageous warrior-like nature.

This could result in intense feelings of passion or rage, perhaps with a few emotional outbursts, but the Martian fire is also the element that aids in digestion and transformation. Instead of exploding outwardly, we have the opportunity to harness this fire and use it to process and digest the changes that have been taking place in our lives. It’s a conscious choice… let your mind find fault and anger towards others, and the outer situation, or, summon your inner warrior and use that strength grow and adapt.

full moon 21 may 2016 vedic astrologyThe full Moon joins retrograde Saturn, also in Scorpio. We are in the middle of a 2.5-year-long process of transformation with his transit here. The pressure is on to re-evaluate our long-term goals, especially around our spiritual growth and material attachments. Whichever house is in sidereal Scorpio in your chart, this is the area of life where you have been facing the most change this past year. This full Moon highlights this transformation process, as you are beginning to follow a new long-term direction in that area of your life. Saturn’s presence here forces us to face our fears, while Mars offers us the strength to withstand and digest them.

The full Moon falls in the Vedic nakshatra Anuradha, at the beginning of Scorpio. This is a constellation of friendship and success, whose deity is Mitra, meaning “friend.” Its symbol is a lotus flower, or a staff, which its three stars resemble in the sky. Both of these symbols signify the ability to overcome a challenge despite opposition. The lotus reminds us that even amidst the muck of emotional disturbance, we still have the potential to access our most pure, beautiful sattvic nature, and rise towards the light. This will be important to remember while the Moon is sandwiched in between Mars and Saturn from Saturday through Sunday afternoon (Americas).

lotusThere’s some good news! After the full Moon, Mercury will be going direct again and out of retrograde. (Phew!) Making plans and having clear communications should get a little easier.

With Jupiter (now direct) and Rahu still close in sidereal Leo, zealous fervor continues at large, and radical beliefs are on the forefront for many. Once Jupiter moves on to Virgo in August, philosophical beliefs and debates will begin to sound more practical (hopefully). Right now they are really extreme and are fueling the quest for personal power. The balance between personal power and universal service will continue to be a widespread theme as long as Rahu transits Leo, through next summer.

We may be feeling a little self-centered in our power on this full Moon, because Venus is now very close to the Sun (combust) over the next several weeks. Our ability to compromise, offered by Venus, may be burnt up so close to the hot rays of the Sun, which could put relationships at odds. On the other hand, the purification and illumination offered by the Sun could help us to elevate our petty desires into higher ones that allow us to connect with universal spirit.

Meditation and self-inquiry help us to access the higher lessons that the planets have to offer. Take the opportunity to digest some emotions and embrace transformation on this full Moon, and unleash your spiritual warrior to help you ride the waves of change.


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Akshaya Tritiya and Jupiter Direct

Akshaya Tritiya and Jupiter Direct

Amidst all these retrograde planets, (Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter) we can sigh a breath of relief this weekend with the onset of Akshaya Tritiya and Jupiter direct!
We’ve just entered an auspicious alignment and a window of abundance! Now through tomorrow night, the Sun and Moon are both in their signs of exaltation (sidereal Aries and Taurus, respectively). This means we are feeling the best parts of these planets shining through us. We feel empowered and generous, connected to source, and peaceful in our hearts and minds.
Tomorrow in particular (the third lunar phase of this month), is known as AKSHAYA TRITIYA, the day of “never diminishing.” Each year, on the third day after the New Moon in Aries, Sun and Moon are both exalted. This creates a powerful portal day for calling wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life (both on the material and spiritual levels). With a full spirit and peaceful heart, take advantage of this auspicious time and plant the seeds for manifesting your dreams! Anything you begin today will grow bountifully.
Sun is exalted in Aries because Mars’ rulership there brings a feeling of courage and strength to the planet of our vitality and spiritual illumination. Moon is exalted in Taurus because the often-turbulent and ever-flowing emotional body finds comfort and stable ground in this Venus-ruled earth sign.
Even more good news… Jupiter is finishing his retrograde motion and going direct on Monday! This will open another doorway to prosperity, and we will start feeling more clear about our purpose and beliefs, as well as around matters of education and teachers. Jupiter is Guru, and when he’s going backwards a lot of things can feel confusing as we question our philosophy and the teachings we value. With Akshaya Tritiya and Jupiter direct, the flow of grace feels less obstructed!
Remember though, Saturn, Mars and Mercury are still retrograde, so we need to reflect on our long-term goals, summon our courage, and double-check details with whatever you’re putting in motion. To enhance your receptivity to the best of what Sun and Moon have to offer, honor both in your practices today. You can do both surya namaskaras and chandra namaskaras, or try some nadi shodhana (alternate-nostril breathing) to harmonize the solar and lunar energies flowing through you. In the spirit of abundance, share your energy and your gifts through loving service or charity, and that karmic investment will come back to you multiplied.
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Powerful New Moon, Solar Eclipse, & Maha Shivaratri

Powerful New Moon, Solar Eclipse, & Maha Shivaratri

This coming New Moon on March 8th packs a powerful punch, bringing with it a groundbreaking total solar eclipse. This will be the first in a series of eclipses to occur with the lunar nodes, Rahu and Ketu, on the sidereal Leo-Aquarius axis. The nodes moved into these signs at the end of January and will transit here until August of 2017, affecting us deeply in whatever areas of our lives are influenced in our personal charts. We will experience 3 eclipse cycles (pairs of eclipses, one solar and one lunar) during this transit–one now, one in September, and one in February of 2017. (Don’t miss my Free E-Book with lots of info on this transit and how it will affect your sign!)

This solar eclipse on the New Moon will set the tone for a tumultuous lunar cycle. The New Moon cycle begins at 5:54pm PST on March 8th, in sidereal Aquarius. The total solar eclipse (peaking around the same time) will be visible from Southeast Asia, most of Australia, the South Pacific and Indian Oceans and Hawaii. The effects will be most perceptible in these areas, but everyone will feel the disturbance at some level.

Solar Eclipse Path Map March 2016

“Total Solar Eclipse of 2016 Mar 09,” Public domain, NASA.
Attribution: Eclipse Predictions by Fred Espenak, NASA’s GSFC (image cropped from original)

During the eclipse, the Sun’s light will be blocked out as he and the Moon align with Ketu, who casts a shadow of self-doubt and criticism on the planet of vitality. The results will be feelings of confusion and disconnection from our sense of strength, individual power, and our connection with Source (all things represented by the Sun). This is adding to our already diminished sense of personal empowerment that can come while Sun is in Aquarius, the sign of service and humility.

This solar eclipse, as well as the lunar eclipse to follow on March 23rd, will bring up a lot of our personal shadows around the quest for equilibrium between universal service and self-empowerment. This theme will continue through the broader year-and-a-half eclipse cycle we have entered.

At the time of the eclipse, Mercury and Venus join the Sun, Moon, and Ketu in Aquarius. This will add Ketu’s feelings of confusion, doubt, and aversion to our collective emotional body (the Moon), to our intellectual and analytical side (Mercury), and to our desirous, pleasure-seeking nature (Venus).

Don’t be surprised to see a chaotic departure from inner peace, rational thinking, and cooperative behavior around this eclipse.

new moon solar eclipse chart march 2016 Vedic Astrology by Somya DeviThis could be aggravated even more by Jupiter and Rahu, who oppose this New Moon cluster from Leo. Their conjunct energies are causing folks to become more and more amped up and self-righteous over their principles and beliefs. (Polarized election madness!) Saturn aspects the duo from his menacing position, joined Mars, in Scorpio, which puts the pressure on even more.

Mars casts his aspect onto the stellium in Aquarius. This could throw some fuel on the potentially explosive fire of transformation that is happening there with the eclipse. Mars in Scorpio gives us the chance to bring forth our warrior-like courage, which we will need in facing all of the disturbance and potential change arising.

This eclipse occurs with Sun, Moon and Ketu in the Vedic nakshatra called Purvabhadrapada. This star-sign falls on the constellation well-known as Pegasus (on the stars Alpha-Pegasi and Beta-Pegasi), bridging the Aquarius and Pisces regions of the sky. As such its symbol is a funeral cot, or bed, related to the fire of purification. This helps to prepare us to enter the darkness of the unknown to be met in Pisces.

The eclipse here will drive us strongly towards purification and transformation. This is for our higher purpose and spiritual development, but it may not be without some difficulty. The deity for this nakshatra is Aja-Ekapada (“the one-footed goat”), who is related to Rudra, a destructive aspect of Lord Shiva. This star is associated with darkness and black magic, which lays the groundwork for a very powerful eclipse.

Eclipses are times when we can literally see shadows in the sky, and they are opportunities to see the ugly psychological shadows lurking in our own subconscious. These need to be uncovered and released so we can free ourselves from them. This is a very important time to do sadhana (spiritual practice) and Self-inquiry, so we can know ourselves better and become enlightened by this gift of seeing what is normally in the dark.

Shiva Shivaratri Vedic Astrology SivaratriThis opportunity is amplified because Sunday night (Pacific, Monday in India) brings the Hindu holy time known as Maha Shivaratri (“the great night of Lord Shiva”). This is the most auspicious night to offer oneself into spiritual practice, in worship of Divine Consciousness. It is typical to stay up all night, fasting and engaging in worship such as mantra, chanting, meditation, and puja. With the eclipse so close at hand, this is an extremely potent time to call upon the light of consciousness and purification.

In Vedic tradition it is thought that the negative energy of the nodes pervades the atmosphere during the time of the eclipse, and it is therefore best not to eat or drink during this time. (The eclipse window is from 3:19pm to 8:34pm PST.) It is also best to refrain from looking at the eclipse directly, or being outside in its atmosphere, especially if you are somewhere the eclipse will be visible.

One more thing to add to the mix on this powerful New Moon: March 8th is also International Women’s Day! Let’s use this transformative time to honor and elevate the sisters, mothers and daughters of this world!


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Top Image Credit: “Eclipsed? Not totally” by James Jordan, CC license Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

Full Moon in Taurus; Strength & Vulnerability

Full Moon in Taurus; Strength & Vulnerability

The Full Moon will peak on Wednesday, November 25th at 2:44pm PST. The night of the fullest waxing Moon is Tuesday, November 24th. This Full Moon occurs in Krittika nakshatra in the Vedic system, located where we identify the Pleiades cluster, near the mid-degrees of Taurus constellation. With the Sun in sidereal Scorpio, this full Moon will illuminate the opposing energies of Scorpio and Taurus. From the watery, emotional and uncertain depths of Scorpio, our divine light shines forth and onto the place in us that can achieve stability in the heart (Taurus).

12504-rest-sleep-tired-woman-nap-couch. Full Moon in Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra; Strength & VulnerabilityThis lunar cycle began with Sun in Libra, where we were reminded to take care of our health and vitality and that self-care is as important as caring for others. Since then, Sun has moved into Scorpio, joining Saturn, a vata planet. Saturn can feel drying and exhausting to the nervous system, so our physical strength and vitality may continue to be tested as Sun (our health and energy) joins him here. Saturn also tends to slow things down, so it is likely that our energy might feel like it just hit the brakes, even though Mars’ rulership of Scorpio fills us with the passion that makes us still want to do a lot. Try to take advantage of this alignment mindfully by consciously slowing yourself down and doing nourishing practices. Apply oil to the bottoms of your feet before bed and get as much rest as your body tells you it needs. Otherwise you may experience unwanted exhaustion that could be accompanied by illness.

galaxy_dancer_by_furorart-d Full Moon in Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra; Strength & VulnerabilityWith the divine light of the Sun emanating from sidereal Scorpio, we often feel the need to purify ourselves by peering into our deep emotional waters. We get to have a soul-experience this month like what Scorpio people have all the time. This can naturally be a bit scary, but Mars’ rulership here also brings us the courage it takes to face ourselves where we feel the most vulnerable. Saturn’s company here makes us look at what will really serve our spirit in the long term. This is a great opportunity for strengthening the vulnerable caverns of our hearts by facing fears.

Mercury, the planet of the intellect and communication, is also conjunct Sun and Saturn in Scorpio, so it’s a potent time for doing some serious communicating about your vulnerabilities. Call forth your Martian bravery before opening conversations (and watch that it isn’t just fear or uncertainty that does the talking). It’s okay to seek the support you need and to rely on expert advice that offers you tools for coping with delicate emotions. Meditation will also be a support that brings structure to the inner work that you’re doing.

The Moon is the planet of emotion that reflects the divine light of the Sun through the heart and interprets what it feels like to go through our human experiences. While we are working on facing and strengthening emotions and fears in Scorpio, the full Moon in Taurus will illuminate a sensation of emotional stability for us, through its fixed-earth qualities. With the Moon here, our hearts are reminded that we are safe and secure, despite whatever turbulent waves the emotions may go through while we are connecting with their depths.

Full Moon in Taurus in Krittika Nakshatra; Strength & Vulnerability dThe Moon will be full in Krittika nakshatra, the constellation commonly known as the Pleiades. Krittika is translated as “the cutter” and is represented by a razor or an axe. What needs to be cut away right now for you to feel peace in the heart? Its deities are Agni (fire personified) and Kartikeya (the Lord of War). Its ruling planet is the Sun, the ultimate purifier. All of this symbology indicates that with the full Moon here, we have the opportunity to bravely and boldly cut away what we don’t need and to stand in peaceful strength after forging through a purification process.

Whatever fears have come up as we face our vulnerability, regarding our physical or emotional strength (or lack thereof), now is the chance to offer ourselves to divine purification. The Moon is close to its point of exaltation (greatest strength) right now, and we are reminded that we can achieve emotional stability and evenness after the process occurs. This balancing point between Scorpio and Taurus is a powerful one, when we are able to recognize and tune into both our deep vulnerability as well as the stable energetic ground on which the divine universe offers us rest. Both Scorpio and Taurus are feminine, or reflective signs, showing that this full Moon will direct us towards taking personal inventory and Self-examination.

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