Vedic Astrology Testimonials

“That was the best reading I’ve ever had. I’ll be reading my notes and listening to the recording because there’s so much there. My impression is that you have a profound connection to science of Jyotish and a deep understanding of the challenges of being a modern woman or man.

Thank you so much. I felt that I was put into a bright sweet light of understanding by you, and I feel hopeful and optimistic.”


“Wow thank you so much. It’s surprising how spot on you are about everything! You have a real talent.”
R.T., Marin, CA

“I appreciated Somya’s expertise, knowledge and skill set when it came to my reading. It is clear that she has a passion for this area which makes for a very natural and comfortable space to share information. Moreover, Somya emailed me my charts before hand and also emailed me an audio transcript of our reading after it was done so that I may consult it as needed. I will definitely be back. Thank you Somya.”
Sharon P., Redlands, CA

“Thank you so much for the relationship reading. Just listening to it again now and there are so many helpful insights in there. I’ll listen again a couple more times till I get it 🙂 Thanks for the work you do and what you offer, I appreciate your Mercurial/Saturnian attention to details and straight forward simple way of explaining things. Gracefully formulaic 🙂 “
Juliana, British Columbia

“Thank you so much for this reading! It’s cleared up so much for me, it makes me feel a lot more clear about who I am and what I need to work on.”

“Thanks so much, Somya! It was a very helpful, inspiring and validating reading. Everything felt right on. It was very clear, organized and understandable. Awesome job!”
Shelley M., Quincy, CA

“I really appreciated the time you spent with me.  The reading was spot on and gives me great information to move forward with as I make decisions for the coming year.”
K.C., South Lake Tahoe, CA

Massage Therapy Testimonials

“Your touch is perfect.”

Lori A., Mill Valley

“Delicious! Somya was able to open my heart & body into a space of rapture and blissfulness. Reaching that space becomes more or deeper into my being each time the door opens and I get another glimpse of the divine nature of life. When in such a state my mind is unable to find a form of constructive feedback that would make any sense at all. She did a wonderful job in making me or helping me [be] more aware of the beauty of my capacity to be who I really am. Thank you, Steve”


Steve Carter, Middletown, CA, June 16, 2014

Co-Founder, The Ecstatic Living Institute

“I just got hour long deep-tissue massage from Somya. It was the best massage I’ve ever had. She listened to everything I asked for, used a perfect amount of pressure and was really consistent in her effort throughout the entire hour. Somya has a calming, soothing presence and her work space is beautiful and relaxing. A high recommendation from a very pleased customer!”
Hardin K., Santa Barbara, CA, Dec. 2014

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“That was awesome!”
Grandma Lorindra F., elder, healer, medicine woman

“You fixed my shoulder!” (day after massage)
Liv L., Middletown, CA

Director of Health Services, Harbin Hot Springs

“Somya is my new favorite [massage therapist]. I’ve never been so relaxed. I left there no stress left in me and right with the world.”
D.J., Corte Madera, CA

“My mom, who is very picky about massage and gets tons of it, said that her massage with Somya last week was the possibly the best she’s had yet. Wow. Somya has very calming energy, and you’ll find yourself immediately letting go from her first touch.”


Rina, Corte Madera, CA

“I very aware of my energetic body, the subtle movement of chi. As soon as Somya started to work on me I knew that she naturally was attuned to the finer levels of my being. She connects not only on the physical level, which feels comforting and nurturing, but more importantly is naturally attuned with the subtle flow of prana. I feel nurtured, safe and supported when receiving her treatments. I highly recommend her.”
Viraja A., Santa Cruz, CA

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