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Vedic Astrology (Jyotish) Readings

See your life-course revealed through the ancient “science of light” that relates it to the planetary positions at birth. I offer general life course readings, as well as Relationship Compatibility and Current Transit evaluations. I can also help you choose auspicious times for events and business planning, or answer a single question using prashna technique.. Learn your “birthstar” and see how your Vedic chart is different than your Western “Sun sign.” I am a Level 2 graduate (BA) in Vedic Astrology from the American Academy of Vedic Art and Science (CVA and ACVA accredited). Please allow up to 1-3 weeks for scheduling.

Services Include:

Vedic Astrology Life Course Reading

This is the best way for us to begin our relationship. In the Vedic Astrology Life Course Reading we will cover all the planets and themes in your natal chart, including your Psychology, Career, Relationships, and how all the planets influence your life. We discuss what are the most prominent karmic themes in your chart, as well as how to approach your challenges and harness your strengths. We will cover how the current planetary transits are affecting you, and your major and minor dashas (planetary stages of life outlined by your individual chart).

By starting with this reading, I can get to know you and your chart, and coach you on how to develop your relationship with the planets. From here it is easy to check in a couple of times per year and discuss what is going on currently for you and how recent transits and eclipses are affecting your life. 60 minutes


Monthly Check-In Package

If you’ve already had your first Vedic Astrology Life Course reading with me, and would like to make a commitment to utilizing Jyotish for your growth, you can sign up for a Monthly Check-in Package. We will schedule a once-per-month 30-minute session by phone (or Skype if you are outside North America).

This is the most in-depth personal coaching approach I offer at the moment. It is a way to get a tailored personal horoscope to see how the changes of the month will affect you personally based on your natal chart. It is also an opportunity to explore planning of events in light of the Moon cycle and the movement of the planets. It is also open-ended so that we can focus on whatever you are needing to look at in your chart based on current life events.

Rates Vary

Relationship Compatibility Reading

In this Vedic Astrology Relationship Reading we’ll examine the birth charts of two people to assess the relationship. This could be romantic partners or any two family members, colleagues, etc. We’ll look at both individuals’ general tendencies in relationships–your capacities to receive and relate emotionally, the type of relationships you seek, and how you act while in relationship. We’ll look at the two charts to see which of your qualities work well together and act as “glue” or attraction, as well as what types of buttons you may push in one another (your strengths and challenges as partners). We also examine the current transits (how and where planets are moving in the sky right now), and how that is affecting you both individually and in relationship. I’ll offer insight as to how to approach your challenges in the relationship and what you can do on a personal level to work with your general tendencies in relating with others, and with this person specifically. We’ll also look at the dasha periods (stages of life) that you are going through according to the planets. 60 minutes

Follow Up Reading

After you’ve had an initial Vedic Astrology Life Course Reading with me, you can request an additional half-hour to discuss a specific question you want to investigate in more detail. Most topics will be fully covered during the first reading, but sometimes people have a specific question come up after some time. A shorter reading can be good to cover a specific question about a life-event, timing of an event, around eclipse-cycles, or major transits. In continuing readings, we can delve into one theme in depth for a better understanding of the karma surrounding it. 30 minutes


Eclipse Window Reading

Eclipse windows are the most popular time of year to receive a Vedic Astrology reading. Find out how the current eclipse cycle effects your chart and your life specifically, and know where and when to expect some upheaval and karmic growth. 30 minutes

Jupiter Focus Reading

Jupiter has just begun his year+ long transit of sidereal Scorpio, where he will travel from October 11th, 2018 through November 4th, 2018. He will hover on the cusp of Scorpio and Sagittarius for much of March, April and May of 2019, the gandanta zone which brings up some of our deepest karmic knots. He will be in retrograde motion from April 10th – August 11th.

There will be particular effects from this transit on each individual depending on your Vedic rising sign, and what house and planets Jupiter is now touching your Vedic natal chart. This reading will explore what to expect from the Jupiter in Scorpio transit. 30 minutes


Vedic Astrology Rates

  • Initial Reading: $125
  • 30 Minute Followup: $75
  • Relationship Reading: $125

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