Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation (Virtual)


Receive a thorough Ayurvedic assessment, understand your unique constitution, and receive guidance on how to optimize your wellness through suggested diet, herbs, and practices that are right for you.


In an individual Ayurvedic Wellness Consultation, we will begin by discovering your unique body-mind constitution, by observing patterns in body and mind and conversing about your health, diet, and routines. This includes an 8-fold physical assessment and pulse assessment (except in virtual consults). With an understanding of your individual constitution and balance of doshas, I will offer dietary suggestions and help you to understand what foods, herbs, spices and daily routines can best support your unique path to balanced health and wellness. We can focus on addressing complaints such as digestion, stress, sleep, and pain, among others. We will work together to develop a simple protocol that you can integrate into your daily life to improve your quality of living and feeling.

Readings can be done in-person in Marin or virtually via Zoom (pulse assessment will not be a part of virtual consults, but a thorough assessment is still possible).


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