Friday brings the convergence of Sun, Moon, Ketu (the South Node), and Mars in Pisces for a full Solar Eclipse, and hosts a potent batch of astrological beginnings. It is the vernal equinox, when daylight equals nighttime hours, and all life starts a growth spurt under the increasing sunlight and warmth as springtime blossoms. It is also a New Moon, and each new moon is also the beginning of a cycle where we will process the energies related to a certain zodiac sign (Vedic Rashi). This particular new Moon also initiates the first month of the Vedic lunar calendar, Chaitra, hence it is like the first day of the new year in this calendar. Eclipses are powerful times for transformation, and yoked with this assemblage of transformative energies, we can anticipate some major upheavals (especially in northern Africa, Europe, and northeast Russia, where the eclipse will occur) . As we are approaching the eclipse it is likely that we’ve been feeling these forces already.

This eclipse and New Moon are occurring in early sidereal Pisces, in the nakshatra Uttara Bhadrapada, at 2:36 am Pacific time on March 20th. Pisces is a dual or mutable water sign, ruled by Jupiter. Emotions run deep in Pisces, and even deeper under the star Uttara Bhadrapada, which is ruled by the celestial serpent, Ahirbudhnya. Serpent energy is related to Kundalini and other deeply hidden emotional waters. We can expect some of these to rise to the surface around this Eclipse. Uttara Bhadrapada relates to the funeral cot and the process we go through after dying, so it is possible to experience a reawakening through this eclipse, if we allow the death of what no longer serves.

Eclipses in general are able to reveal a lot of energies that are otherwise subconscious or buried. Ketu, the South Node, relates to karma that we have done a lot of work with in the past (in past lives and childhood), and have gained some wisdom with, but are still finishing the process. Whichever themes Ketu represents in your chart, you may be experiencing these potently at this time. You will also be working with the house energies of whichever house Pisces is in your chart.

KetuDuring the solar eclipse, the Sun’s light is literally being blocked out by the shadow graha Ketu, so it can feel very disconcerting. (Though it is the Moon that crosses in front of the Sun, it is actually passing over the spot in the sky where Ketu is located, thus the shadow graha emerges.) Subconscious fears arise and seem to swallow our brilliant life-force. Your inner disapproving parent may be coming out now, and perhaps explosively, with Mars conjoining this eclipse. The Pisces energy may compel us to try to hide from these forces, by escapism into drugs, alcohol, or television. If this need for isolation is felt, offer yourself the chance to grow through it constructively by practicing meditation, journaling, or examining your dreams. Take special care to be gentle in your interactions with others, as latent grievances may be coming up with a lot of charge.

If we apply ourselves to the opportunity of inner work around this eclipse, great transformation is possible. Ketu may have harnessed certain convictions into our being that may no longer be serving us, and this is a good time to uproot them (we may not have a choice). Take time with a journal and write down your values and goals, and what things are holding you back that you need to let go of. Now is a very powerful time for kundalini awakening and movement. Saturn rules both Anuradha, where it began its retrograde course on Saturday, and Uttara Bhadrapada. Both nakshatras are related to kundalini, and Saturn’s retrograde motion in Scorpio is giving us the opportunity to dive deeper into our commitment to transformation.

eclipse-march-20th-chartThe benefic planets are also influencing this eclipse, so there may be a certain grace aiding us along even amidst the disturbance. Pisces’ ruler Jupiter is aspecting this eclipse from its retrograde position in Cancer, shining its bounty of wisdom towards the shadowed cluster. It is also aspecting retrograde Saturn, offering a grounding philosophy towards the eclipse nakshatra’s ruler. Look to your teachers and philosophies to help anchor yourself in a supportive cradle through this process. Mercury and Venus are surrounding the eclipse on either side, in Aquarius and Aries, respectively. You may begin to process the emotional churning with the intellect, and finish it with a stronger desire to compromise and see everyone’s happiness improved.

Take good care of your nervous system during this time. The high emotional intensity of Pisces and Uttara Bhadrapada, coupled with the added heat and potential aggravation of Mars, could lead to an overload of stress as limiting beliefs are being broken down. Honor yourself with alone time to work with everything that is coming to the surface. Apply soothing oils and bathe frequently during this time if possible. As we begin this Pisces moon cycle and the new lunar year, with the added force of the Uttara Bhadrapada eclipse, set your intentions for what type of emotional cleansing and rebirthing you need, and how you want to see yourself emerge into this new cycle. The hours surrounding the peak of the eclipse are a powerful time for spiritual practice, especially if you are on the side of the planet where the eclipse’s shadow is visible.

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