Mercury proceeded out of sidereal Pisces and into Aries today. We will likely see a shift in our communication, going from watery, murky, or dreamy to more sharp, precise and perhaps argumentative. In Pisces, Mercury was in its sign of debilitation, where it is not the strongest in its ability to express clearly. This is because Mercury is a planet that seeks to be impartial and organized (it is exalted in Virgo), and Pisces, a water sign ruled by Jupiter, is dreamy, romantic, and imaginative. Aries, on the other hand, is motivated, active, and competitive.

Mercury in Pisces may have hampered our ability to be precise and detail-oriented over the last couple of weeks, with the expansiveness of Pisces’ ruler, Jupiter, compelling us to add our philosophical idealism to communication and our comprehension of things. Furthermore, Mercury was joined with Ketu (a shadow planet) during his jaunt through Pisces, which could have brought subconscious turmoil to the surface through our speech. He was tightly conjunct Ketu during the lunar eclipse, which offered both the opportunity be more analytical about buried emotions or escapist tendencies, but also the potential to be more critical in our speech with others, if we were not introspective about the depths of the rising feelings.

Now, with Mercury entering Aries, we may see less water and more fire suffusing our communication and intellectual processes. Mercury, or Budha, is the planet of the intellect, seeking to gather and organize information. Aries’ ruler Mars is a planet that brings forth our strength and instinct. It often brings strong opinions and a desire to be right, so watch for hot-headedness when it comes to communicating over the next couple of weeks, and try to curb your impulse to argue. We may be able to think quickly, but may also notice ourselves talking too fast. Try to slow it down by consciously applying moments of reflection and checking in with your heart before you speak, especially in any heated discussions. Mercury is moving quickly through the zodiac now and will be transiting out of Aries and into Taurus on the 26th.

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