Jupiter has been retrograde since December 8, 2014, appearing to move backwards from our perspective on earth. It has also been closest to the earth and brightest from our point of view during this time. The closest alignment was in early February when earth was directly between the Sun and Jupiter. This week it will appear to come to a stop, in sidereal Cancer, between the stars Castor and Pollux of Gemini and Regulus of Leo. It is still very bright, and visible overhead around sunset in California, setting in the west around 4am. It will appear stationary in Cancer for the next couple of weeks, as it slowly begins creeping forward again in direct motion.


Jupiter is the largest planet in the solar system, and its energy brings expansion and growth wherever it lies. It is known in Sanskrit as “Guru,” the remover of darkness, or ignorance. Jupiter’s influence in our natal chart illustrates our philosophy, trajectory, and relationship to our life’s purpose. Its retrograde motion over the past few months brought a great opportunity to reexamine these things and introspect about them. You may be feeling a fresh sense of purpose and clearer direction as Jupiter begins moving forward again now.

Jupiter rules the signs of Sagittarius and Pisces, so the individual themes of the houses that fall here in your sidereal (Vedic) birth chart would have been the ones that you were really focusing on reevaluating during this time. For example, for Virgo rising people, Sagittarius and Pisces are the 4th and 7th houses, so you would likely have been introspecting deeply about your goals in home-life–perhaps real estate or vehicle-related–(4th house), and in relationships (7th house). Jupiter rules two houses and their motifs for each rising sign.

Additionally, Jupiter is the karaka or signifier of children and teachers for everyone. During this time of its retrograde course, we were likely feeling reflective about these people in our lives. It’s possible we felt some discontent or confusion in these relationships, as Jupiter was appearing to move backwards. The grace that is associated with Jupiter, however, made possible a positive introspection period that helped us to sort out what wisdom is serving us towards our higher purpose, and what ideas were not. Jupiter is naturally exalted in early Cancer, meaning that its expansive nature is able to serve us greatly in this feminine water sign, which relates to our emotions and deepest heart-space. Jupiter’s  placement here brings the opportunity for inward-reflection and illumination of the divine spark within. The period of retrograde motion added more opportunity for self-examination and emotional awareness. With forward motion beginning again today, we can bring forward the wisdom we have gained during this time of pensiveness, with a renewed and purified understanding of our goals, and the teachings and philosophies that support us in sharing our highest creative potential. Enjoy the beauty and brightness of this planet in the sky, as equally radiant Venus gets closer and closer to it over the next couple of months.

Brihaspati (Guru Graha): Brihaspati_graha

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