timthumbIf you’ve been watching Venus approach Jupiter in the evening sky over the last month, tonight will be the night not to miss! Last night the two appeared very close together from Earth, and tonight they will be at almost the exact same degrees in the sky (about 27 1/2 sidereal Cancer), appearing like a bright double-star. These are always the two brightest planets from earth’s perspective, so together this will be an incredibly beautiful light to behold. Look for the conjunction in the west from around sunset until the two planets set around 10:45 pm PDT. The best view will be just after it gets dark. They will also be quite close but beginning to separate tomorrow evening, setting in the west as the full Moon is rising in the east. (Check back for the Full Moon Report!)

love lightIn Vedic astrology and mythology, Jupiter and Venus are two benefic planets (saumya grahas), meaning they bring gentle energies and often boost our happiness. Jupiter is the planet of hope and optimism, while Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure. The tight conjunction of these two may be elevating our happiness and expanding our positivity right now. It may even feel like the heart is overflowing. Jupiter brings us higher philosophy and belief systems, and our ability to discriminate or judge what we value. The supreme court decision to expand marriage rights in the US is totally aligned with this Jupiter-Venus meet-up– love wins! In this time we may really believe in our relationships, or whatever it is that is driving our pursuit of happiness. This conjunction is on the first house for sidereal Cancer rising folks, and aspects Scorpio and Pisces ascendants.

kundalini-snakesThese two are in the Vedic nakshatra (star-sign) of Ashlesha, “the entwiner.” This star has to do with the coiled serpent of kundalini energy, and heightens our senses of intuition and sexuality. The ruling deities are the Nagas, the serpents of wisdom. Our hearts and minds may be guided towards unveiling deep hidden wisdom from the realms beyond the veil of illusion. It is really the Sun’s light that we see reflected off of these two beauties, Jupiter and Venus, and the Sun is the source of all life and the planet of pure consciousness. At this time you can offer yourself up, with gratitude, for heart-mind expansion and invite in the source energy to brighten your beliefs, desires and relationships. Remember that in Ashlesha, as with a serpent’s bite, some poison may come up as part of the process of illumination. This can also result because Jupiter and Venus so close together can create friction as they fight over whether values or desires will come out on top.

A close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus also occurred around 2 B.C.E., and may have been the phenomena dubbed the “Star of Bethlehem.” Overall, this is a time to enjoy the incredibly beauty being offered from the cosmos. Bask in the lovelight of Jupiter and Venus tonight — it is on!

lovelight tasha marie

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