Get ready for a shift from radical idealistic movements and power-struggles to more practical and reflective earth-based philosophies, both individually and throughout society at large.

Jupiter in Leo

leo lion sindi shortJupiter has been transiting sidereal Leo for a little over a year now. During this time, the planet of philosophy, luck, expansion, growth and beliefs has been in the sign of power. A masculine fire sign ruled by the Sun, Leo is where we tap into our inherent divinity and strength and learn how to wield it, whether selfishly or selflessly. The Sun wants us to find our connection to source, our strength and vitality, our power, and ultimately our dharma and generous sense of responsibility.

For the last year we have seen the struggle over power and beliefs in a very prominent light. Jupiter has expanded efforts to claim power and authority through ideology, especially in the realm of government. Throughout society, we have seen the expansion and importance of many principle-based movements coming to the forefront.

The Sun, Leo’s ruler, has offered energy to help us to purify our philosophies and hold them up to its illuminating power. We have watched some progressive beliefs gain more traction in the world, while at the same time a more orthodox conservatism took hold in other places. Since January of this year, Rahu has been joining Jupiter in Leo, adding a radical, confusing and shadowy energy to this quest for ideological dominance. We have experienced radical actions throughout society based on ideologies of all sorts.

Jupiter in Virgo

jupiter in virgo vedic astrology leoOn August 11th, Jupiter will be making his transition from Leo into Virgo.* After this time and for the coming year, we will experience a shift from big, bold, power-hungry philosophies to ones that are more practical and earthly. Virgo is a feminine earth sign ruled by Mercury, the planet of the intellect. Mercury is impartial, fact-oriented, playful and curious. For this reason, the proliferation of beliefs and social movements may begin to take a more rational, universal and intellectual tone.

The feminine nature of Virgo also means that Jupiter’s transit here will cause us to adopt a more self-reflective approach to our beliefs. As Virgo is a mutable sign, we may become much more flexible around ideas, compared to the dogmatic nature of beliefs we experienced with Jupiter in the fixed sign of Leo. With Jupiter moving from a fire sign to an earth sign, it’s time to take those big illuminated ideas and work out the details around how to move them from the visionary into the physical plane.

Jupiter is the planet of optimism, and Virgo is perhaps the most practical of all the signs, so it is possible that we may feel a slight deflation of our idealism as rationalist philosophies become more popular again. At least Jupiter is parting ways with Rahu, so we may actually welcome a little linear Virgoan thinking, after some of the radical ideological battles we have experienced recently.

Jupiter For You

In this coming year we will feel Jupiter’s expansive potential shift from one area of our lives to another, depending on each individual’s rising sign. Leo rising individuals have had Jupiter’s (Guru’s) grace over the last year, while Virgo rising folks may have actually experienced more loss and confusion as he transited their 12th house. Now Virgo ascendants will feel more of a sense of luck and expansion as the Gas Giant makes his way across their first house. For the next year, Jupiter’s influence will permeate four different areas of your life, those indicated by Virgo as well as Capricorn, Pisces, and Taurus in your Vedic chart, where he will now cast his aspect.

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*Jupiter is moving from Leo to Virgo according to the Vedic/sidereal zodiac, which correlates with how we see the stars and planets from Earth in real time. Just look up at night and you can see he is between Leo/Virgo now! According to the Western/tropical zodiac, based on the seasons, he is said to be in Virgo and moving to Libra soon.






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