Saturn is transiting back into sidereal Scorpio tomorrow, June 22nd. The coming months will be Saturn’s last visit to Scorpio for the next 27 years. The last three years, during his transit here, have been a pivotal junction for many, and have helped us to orient ourselves towards new goals and commitments. We are now more clear where we are willing to put our effort, which parts of our life deserve our perseverance, and where we are willing to face the fear, pressures, and challenges that come along the path. We have particularly resolved to take responsibility for our own internal development, as Saturn in Scorpio compelled us to face our deepest emotional vulnerability.

Saturn (Lord Shani) has been doing his dance around the edges of Scorpio and Sagittarius throughout this year. He first entered sidereal Sagittarius on January 26th. He slowed to a stop and began retrograde motion on April 5th. For some time now, he has been at the cusp of these two signs, which is known as a gandanta zone — a knot — representing a place in the zodiac that brings up a lot of our most tightly-wound karma and inner struggles. As the planet of career, commitment, pressure, and maturity, Saturn’s visit to this part of the sky causes us to look at some of our most resistant blockages around these concepts.

On June 22nd Shani officially crosses from Sagittarius back into Scorpio, but we will continue to feel the pressure of his gandanta position for a few more weeks. Astrologers calculate the breadth of the gandanta zone differently; some would say that Saturn’s gandanta transit is lasting for roughly the month of June, while others would mark it as lasting from May through November of this year.

Shani will continue his retrograde motion until August 25th, when he’ll turn direct and continue through Scorpio until late October. The retrograde motion of Saturn in general helps us to slow down and become more introspective about our commitments, our long-term goals, and how we handle pressure and hard work. It also helps us to look at some of our deeper fears, and areas where we hold back because of an innate inner feeling of restriction.

As Saturn passes through Scorpio, we are re-evaluating our goals most specifically in the areas of life indicated by Scorpio’s house in our natal chart. This retrograde trip through Scorpio lasts from now through October, and is the last portion of Saturn’s 3-year transit here, during which time we adjusted our goals and commitments in one particular area of life.*

Those with natal Saturn in Scorpio are just finishing their Saturn’s return, while those with natal Saturn in Sagittarius have just begun it. Those with natal Moon in Libra are just finishing the Sade Sati period (7.5 year influence of Saturn), while those with natal Moon in Capricorn have just begun. Those with natal Moon in Scorpio or Sagittarius are well into the middle of Sade Sati.

Now is a good time to reflect on the work you’ve been doing over the last three years, in terms of your work and your commitments, particularly in the “house” marked by Scorpio in your natal chart. Saturn’s transit of Scorpio has forced us to step up and face our fears, especially in regards to our internal transformation. He has helped us to commit to our own self-development and become more gracious in accepting the challenging work of acknowledging our own inner vulnerability. During the next few months, reflects on the lessons you have been learning along this line, and take one last chance to affirm your commitment to developing strength from within your sensitive internal waters.


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