New Moon in Scorpio

Saturday, November 18th brings in the new Moon cycle starting at 3:42 pm PST, when the Moon will be at its darkest. This cycle begins with the Sun and Moon joined in sidereal Scorpio, in the Vedic nakshatra called Vishaka. There is a very deep and watery energy here, compelling us to dive into the depths of our hearts and face our most vulnerable areas. There is a heightened energy of shadow work arising this cycle, because of the Kala Sarpa yoga under which we begin (all planets are to one side of the nodal axis right now).

Scorpio Cycle

In Vedic thought, Scorpio is ruled by the planet Mars and is the feminine or inward expression of the warrior planet. Its nature is that of an insect, like the scorpion, choosing often to borough and hide in deep, dark places. As a water sign, Scorpio brings forth a very intuitive and sensitive energy, yet the emotions here can often feel “stuck” because of the fixed nature of this sign. Scorpio is a combination of emotional instinct, strength and passion (from Mars), introversion and introspection.

Debilitated Moon

During the Scorpio cycle, we may feel more able to reach into the depths of our being, particularly through the sensitive waves of the mind and heart. The Moon is actually considered “debilitated” in this sign, because of the challenge of feeling so deeply and with so much awareness at the same time. When we are aware of our deepest feelings, and are operating with a high level of sensitivity, we also become aware of our incredible vulnerabilty. We know that when we open the heart to its widest, we are opening ourselves to the possibility of hurt and disappointment.

For this reason, the nature of Scorpio is often to be self-protective, attempting to avoid this danger. But inside the insect shell of protection is a soft and and sensitive being. When we love through the sign of Scorpio, and we do let someone past that outer shell, we love passionately (from the powerful fire of ruler Mars), and with intense devotion (the fixed quality gives a strong attachment style). Yet the whole time, the watery nature of Scorpio is aware that there will eventually be changes, as water must always and eventually be allowed to flow.

This is a familiar sentiment to those with Scorpio Moon or ascendent in the natal chart, but this month, we as a whole will all come in contact with this mood to some extent. The challenge of working with, or rising above the challenge of Moon in Scorpio, is to strengthen the heart as we face the great apparent dangers to it. Through Scorpio, we learn to open that protective shell, even when we’re feeling sensitive and vulnerable. When we love, we learn to do so with devotion but without attachment, with an awareness that our security does not come from any external objects or people that we love, but from our own ability to love.


The Vedic nakshatra (constellation or star-sign) where this New Moon falls is Vishaka, “the two-branched.” This sign falls three-quarters in sidereal Libra with its last pada (foot) in sidereal Scorpio. It is a nakshatra of purpose, with a lot of power and determination coming from its two ruling deities, Indra and Agni. Indra is the chief of the gods and Agni is the deity of fire, personified. Indra gives us a lot of power, but cautions us not to become too self-rightous. Agni gives us the power of transformation, as we do the inner work that is required this month.

Vishaka is often represented by a triumphant gateway, showing the victory that can come after going through challenge. The Moon’s point of full debilitation is in Vishaka’s Scorpio pada, where it falls at the time of this new cycle. It is here that there can be the most challenge, but also the most overcoming. Vishaka is also sometimes represented by a tree with spreading branches, like the tree of life, offering protection to others. There is a strong leadership ability here. Its planetary lord is Jupiter, who bestows inspiration as we begin this month.

new moon in scorpio somyadevi

Kala Sarpa

Inspiration and faith will certainly aid us this month, as we dive into some of the deepest parts of our being. In addition to beginning with a debilitated Moon, we also start this lunar cycle under a Kala Sarpa yoga. This is translated as the “black snake” or “the serpent of time,” and occurs when all of the 7 planets fall on one side of the nodal axis (Vedic astrology does not incorporate the outer planets, invisible to the naked eye).

This “yoga” (alignment, or combination) has been occurring for about half the month, in the last quarter of this year. When the Moon passes Ketu and traverses Capricorn through Cancer for half the month, he breaks this cycle, but when he passes Rahu in Cancer it begins again (see chart). When this occurs, more of the shadow energy of the nodes is present, meaning we are deeply intuitive but also encounter some difficulty as subconscious wounds and karmic challenges arise more strongly.

This is a time to practice deep introspection and personal reflection, and engage all our tools that help us to become aware of these wounds and patterns. As we bring in more awareness, we are able to let go and transmute more, and avoid running through the same cycles that do not serve.

Mars Mercury Exchange

Mercury and Mars are exchanging signs at the beginning of this cycle, with Mercury in Scorpio and Mars in Virgo. This will aid in our ability to apply the intellect and some impartiality to the passion that we are feeling. It could be very helpful and aiding us to organize and make sense of some of the unconscious patterns that we are seeing. It will also be helpful in communicating, especially about the deep vulnerability we are experiencing.


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