Amidst all these retrograde planets, (Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter) we can sigh a breath of relief this weekend with the onset of Akshaya Tritiya and Jupiter direct!
We’ve just entered an auspicious alignment and a window of abundance! Now through tomorrow night, the Sun and Moon are both in their signs of exaltation (sidereal Aries and Taurus, respectively). This means we are feeling the best parts of these planets shining through us. We feel empowered and generous, connected to source, and peaceful in our hearts and minds.
Tomorrow in particular (the third lunar phase of this month), is known as AKSHAYA TRITIYA, the day of “never diminishing.” Each year, on the third day after the New Moon in Aries, Sun and Moon are both exalted. This creates a powerful portal day for calling wealth, prosperity and abundance into your life (both on the material and spiritual levels). With a full spirit and peaceful heart, take advantage of this auspicious time and plant the seeds for manifesting your dreams! Anything you begin today will grow bountifully.
Sun is exalted in Aries because Mars’ rulership there brings a feeling of courage and strength to the planet of our vitality and spiritual illumination. Moon is exalted in Taurus because the often-turbulent and ever-flowing emotional body finds comfort and stable ground in this Venus-ruled earth sign.
Even more good news… Jupiter is finishing his retrograde motion and going direct on Monday! This will open another doorway to prosperity, and we will start feeling more clear about our purpose and beliefs, as well as around matters of education and teachers. Jupiter is Guru, and when he’s going backwards a lot of things can feel confusing as we question our philosophy and the teachings we value. With Akshaya Tritiya and Jupiter direct, the flow of grace feels less obstructed!
Remember though, Saturn, Mars and Mercury are still retrograde, so we need to reflect on our long-term goals, summon our courage, and double-check details with whatever you’re putting in motion. To enhance your receptivity to the best of what Sun and Moon have to offer, honor both in your practices today. You can do both surya namaskaras and chandra namaskaras, or try some nadi shodhana (alternate-nostril breathing) to harmonize the solar and lunar energies flowing through you. In the spirit of abundance, share your energy and your gifts through loving service or charity, and that karmic investment will come back to you multiplied.
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