New Moon in Ashlesha – The Water Serpent

New Moon in Ashlesha – The Water Serpent

The New Moon will occur in Ashlesha nakshatra in sidereal Cancer, at 7:54am PDT on Friday, August 14th. This means that the darkest night, beginning this new cycle, is the night of Thursday, August 13th. New Moon nights are a great time for inner practice and ritual, fully releasing everything from the last cycle and preparing for the new.
water artAshlesha (or Aslesha) nakshatra and Cancer are both related to the water element, which correlates with our emotions and second chakra. This cycle will call us to explore the depths of our emotions. Cancer is ruled by the Moon, the feminine reflective principle in the cosmos. While the Sun represents the primordial source that fuels all life, the Moon is that wherein Sun’s power is reflected on another body. Moon is therefore the planet that feels what it is like to be a material body animated by divine consciousness. The Cancer cycle will allow us to tap in to our emotional and feminine side, as Moon is the archetype of the divine feminine principle. Examine and honor the waves of feelings as they come up for you throughout the month.
Hydra_artThe potency of this cycle is enhanced by Ashlesha nakshatra, found in the constellation Hydra, the water snake. The snake represents kundalini energy, which often lies coiled in a dormant state at the base of the spine. In this cycle there is the potential for that coil to unwind and for kundalini energy to rise, as flow energy is enhanced and blockages dissolve. This is a time for emotional transformation.

water-snake-of-the-abyss-couture-yan-dThe deities for Ashlesha are the Nagas, the serpents of wisdom. We have the opportunity to receive guidance from these serpents and receive more wisdom about our own hidden emotions. In your practice time, you can ask yourself what is coiled within? Where in your body do you feel a coil or a knot that can be loosened? Around what themes in life do you feel stuck? Probing into these matters and calling upon the water element or the Nagas can help to bring you more fluidity around them.

Mars is currently sitting in sidereal Cancer, where he is debilitated (at his least strong position in the cosmos). This means that our energy towards taking actions could be low right now. All the more reason to tap into that feminine, internal reflective principle, in order to loosen the emotional joints so that we can act with more clarity when Mars has more power again.

leo lion sindi shortJupiter is settling nicely into sidereal Leo, where he began his year-long transit a few weeks ago. Around this time we saw in the world a sudden righteous crusade towards celebrating lions (Cecil) and the rest of the wildlife kingdom. Leo, or the lion, is indeed the monarch of this realm, and Jupiter is a planet that relates to our values and principles. The worldwide value of these things suddenly surged when Jupiter took his seat on this zodiacal throne. During his transit here we may see many principle-based movements rise, in which large groups of believers will be pushing to get their values to the seat of power.

Venus continues his retrograde transit, now backtracking into the sign of Cancer. This is a time for reviewing relationships in our lives, and how we compromise and maneuver while seeking happiness. He continues retrograde motion until September 6th, after which time things should start moving forward again around those themes. With Venus retrograde so close to this New Moon, coupled with Ashlesha energy relating to the depths of our emotions, a lot could be coming up in our minds and hearts about past relationships. Remember to allow the flow and let the purifying waters of Cancer and Ashlesha wash away what is ready to move on, and nourish that which needs more unconditional love.59712e8056fb9fd58096f2c5eb9f1b00Mercury is joined with Jupiter in Leo right now, so we could easily feel the temptation to talk a lot. Like any serpent, Ashlesha has the power of venom within its tongue as well, so take heed to speak slowly to avoid harmful remarks. As with any purification process, we may feel the sting of that poison in ourselves as we release unwanted energies from our system. Be nourishing towards yourself, and drink lots of water to enhance the flow and cleansing. This will be a sensitive time, but a potent one for diving deep into the depths of our sensual bodies, and emerging from those waters with stronger emotional health and clarity.

Jupiter and Venus Converge Tonight! Turn on Your Lovelight

Jupiter and Venus Converge Tonight! Turn on Your Lovelight

timthumbIf you’ve been watching Venus approach Jupiter in the evening sky over the last month, tonight will be the night not to miss! Last night the two appeared very close together from Earth, and tonight they will be at almost the exact same degrees in the sky (about 27 1/2 sidereal Cancer), appearing like a bright double-star. These are always the two brightest planets from earth’s perspective, so together this will be an incredibly beautiful light to behold. Look for the conjunction in the west from around sunset until the two planets set around 10:45 pm PDT. The best view will be just after it gets dark. They will also be quite close but beginning to separate tomorrow evening, setting in the west as the full Moon is rising in the east. (Check back for the Full Moon Report!)

love lightIn Vedic astrology and mythology, Jupiter and Venus are two benefic planets (saumya grahas), meaning they bring gentle energies and often boost our happiness. Jupiter is the planet of hope and optimism, while Venus is the planet of beauty and pleasure. The tight conjunction of these two may be elevating our happiness and expanding our positivity right now. It may even feel like the heart is overflowing. Jupiter brings us higher philosophy and belief systems, and our ability to discriminate or judge what we value. The supreme court decision to expand marriage rights in the US is totally aligned with this Jupiter-Venus meet-up– love wins! In this time we may really believe in our relationships, or whatever it is that is driving our pursuit of happiness. This conjunction is on the first house for sidereal Cancer rising folks, and aspects Scorpio and Pisces ascendants.

kundalini-snakesThese two are in the Vedic nakshatra (star-sign) of Ashlesha, “the entwiner.” This star has to do with the coiled serpent of kundalini energy, and heightens our senses of intuition and sexuality. The ruling deities are the Nagas, the serpents of wisdom. Our hearts and minds may be guided towards unveiling deep hidden wisdom from the realms beyond the veil of illusion. It is really the Sun’s light that we see reflected off of these two beauties, Jupiter and Venus, and the Sun is the source of all life and the planet of pure consciousness. At this time you can offer yourself up, with gratitude, for heart-mind expansion and invite in the source energy to brighten your beliefs, desires and relationships. Remember that in Ashlesha, as with a serpent’s bite, some poison may come up as part of the process of illumination. This can also result because Jupiter and Venus so close together can create friction as they fight over whether values or desires will come out on top.

A close conjunction of Jupiter and Venus also occurred around 2 B.C.E., and may have been the phenomena dubbed the “Star of Bethlehem.” Overall, this is a time to enjoy the incredibly beauty being offered from the cosmos. Bask in the lovelight of Jupiter and Venus tonight — it is on!

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Full Moon in Cancer in Aslesha

Full Moon in Cancer in Aslesha

The fullest phase of the moon, Purnima, begins today, and culminates with the Moon at its fullest point tomorrow, February 3rd, in Aslesha (or Ashlesha) nakshatra at 3:09 pm in sidereal Cancer. Aslesha is known as “the entwiner” and is represented by a coiled serpent, referring to the powerful kundalini energy coiled at the base of the spine. This powerful nakshatra, residing entirely in the feminine water sign of Moon-ruled Cancer, can be seen in the sky in the constellation Hydra, the water snake. Because Cancer, Aslesha, and Hydra are all water-related, emotion and intuition will be heightened during this full Moon.

This is the mid-point of the Capricorn Sun cycle that began with new Moon (and Sun) in Uttara Ashada on January 20th, compelling us to stabilize the physical support structures we need to achieve victory in our long-term worldly goals and dharma. This full moon in Cancer will help to shine a light on the emotional and spiritual energies and challenges we are working with and bring insight to help balance our worldly pursuits with what is deep in our hearts. Right now there is more light shed upon where we are emotionally entwined and how that relates to the material structures we seek.

The ruling deities for Aslesha nakshatra are the Nagas, the serpents of wisdom. Lord Vishnu rests upon the thousand-headed serpent, Adishesha, while dreaming of the material universe. The serpent energy comes from realms beyond the illusory dream of maya. The insightful and mystical quality of this nakshatra brings the potential to gain a deeper understanding of some of the mysteries we find within ourselves and unlock hidden potency. Aslesha also has the power to bring up poison, however (like the snake’s venomous bite), so be prepared for potential turbulence, and create some space for meditation and self-reflection in order to harness wisdom from what is revealed from the depths. It’s very possible that during this time some blockages will surface, showing us underlying emotions or energies that have been keeping us from achieving our goals. This is an opportunity to strengthen our weaknesses.

Aslesha is ruled by Mercury, which brings the power to observe and discriminate about these things with a sharp intellect. Mercury is still retrograde, combust, and aspected by its ruler Saturn, as it joins the Sun in Capricorn opposite full Moon and Jupiter. We may feel some pressure or mental stress, as we re-examine past issues and seek structural supports for understanding them. It is a good time to slow down communication. Because of the potential poison that comes with Aslesha, try to use the intellectual and emotional insights for self-reflection, rather than potentially dangerous or harmful words or actions–write a journal! (Aslesha is also the placement where Mars is naturally debilitated, so not the strongest place for taking action.) The feminine water sign of Cancer is about nourishing our heart and emotional body.

We will also feel an added boost in the emotional and intuitive power of this Aslesha/Cancer full moon because of its auspicious conjunction with Jupiter, only 3 degrees from Moon at its peak of fullness. Jupiter, literally “guru” or the “shadow-disperser,” can shed light on many matters, by offering guidance through a philosophy or teaching to help us better understand what is otherwise confusing. Jupiter is exalted in Cancer, giving hope, optimism, and the potential to tap into helpful philosophies to assist us. It is currently retrograde, which may cause us to question or reevaluate the ideas, teachers, or doctrines we usually rely on, and engage new ones instead.

Allow your feeling-sense to guide you during this Cancer full moon and get in touch with what is deep inside your heart. Take some time to sit with it and feel where it is entangled, and observe the insight that comes, which may be contrary to your usual pattern of thinking. Keep a journal nearby and write the thoughts and emotions you experience. Where are you emotionally entwined? Around what themes do you feel fearful or coiled and want to unwind? How do these relate with the goals and material structures you are working on solidifying in this Capricorn Sun cycle? What new teachers or teachings have appealed to your heart recently? How can you turn your emotions into allies that will help you to achieve your goals?

Consider making an altar to the water by placing a bowl of water as the centerpiece and adorning it with flowers, crystals (especially Pearl or Moonstone), incense, and your prayers. Add an image of something normally seen as terrifying to represent your fears, offer it some water and imagine liberating the darkness with love, humility, generosity and compassion. Take a purifying bath or jump into the nearest body of water. Tune in with the water element in your body by sitting or lying with your hands placed gently on your second chakra. You can chant the syllable “Vam” while doing this, silently, out loud, or as an internal vibration. Allow yourself to cry if possible. Be sure to drink lots of water to nourish that element in your body.

If you’re working with a spiritual partner, the power of this full Moon in Aslesha can lend the potential for greater depth in the union. Adding visualization or energetic mobilization practices to your love-making could be beneficial. The kundalini energy of this star, the heart-space of Moon-ruled Cancer, the added intensity of conjunct Jupiter, along with a Venus-Mars conjunction, offers a great opportunity for diving deep and opening more together. Be sure to maintain mindful and discriminating communication, because of the position of Mercury and the potentially sharp or poisonous quality of this nakshatra.

This full moon, honor the emotional currents that run deep and look for how you can balance these with the practical structures needed to reach your goals in the world.

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